My work is inspired by the quotation ‘You do not have a soul; You are a soul; You have a body’. This quotation is communicating the idea that you own your body, like a possession, and stating that your soul is what makes you who you are. However our soul cannot live without our body, thus our body becomes a vessel for our soul. Therefore I have taken an experimental approach to portrait making by investigating the idea that our body is a vessel and communicating this in a subtle and abstract manner.

In this series of large scale vessels I have created these series of portraits in the manner of connection and abstraction. Initial viewing would not indicate that these vessels are portraits as they convey no identity, yet they are a direct expression from my body onto the clay, creating an intimate connection through the process and therefore creates the portrait. 


2017 graduate from the University of Brighton studying 3D Design and Craft and specialising in ceramics. 


Hand building and throwing techniques I draw inspiration from the human body, print, working on a large scale and challenging conventions.

'A Self Portrait' takes an abstract approach to portrait making, I am able to produce portraits to commission. 



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